Someone said I should create a game for the Patriot Cluster….hmmmmm

in class about to learn some OpenACC stuffffff…..then gonna tour a large computer cluster :D

I finally find someone I can’t stand to be without, and he’s moving to Tennessee for an internship…….

this guy….he may be crazy, confusing, weird, and a bunch of other things, but he’s my best friend….you hurt him, you face me

If you didn’t know me, you’d think I was an organized person……I’m not

even though I just organized all my old notes that are in my room by subject, I am not an organized person

'Cause every song I hear I imagine you near. Singing softly in my ear.

hmmmmm tumblr’s working fine….why isn’t facebook and twitter? how odd…

I find it funny how I don’t like certain songs but love the remakes of different artists.

I don’t get it. You didn’t talk to me then, so why are you talking to me now?

What I wish I had for lunch today……..

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